Thursday, 25 January 2018

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer For Healing

 Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer For Healing

 I stand as a Major Prophet and I reverse every arrow of the enemy that has been sent into your life , in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Back to the sender!

As we continue with our 12 Days Fasting And Prayer Program, I want to assure you that I have not stopped praying for you. The God I serve will do a marvelous work in your life!
Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer For Healing

We may not physically hit others, but when we demoralize and speak devastating words to those we say we love, we are displaying abusive behavior. When we discourage our collegues, strip our siblings or rivals of their esteem and honor, devalue our spouses, or talk down to our team as leaders, we create an abusive environment that breeds deep resentment and rebellion. We also grieve the Holy Spirit of God.
Instead of doing this, choose the expression of love instead. Love brings people up; it doesn’t tear people down. Love gives people hope; it doesn’t shatter people’s dreams.
As a child of God, add value to those that surround you and encourage them. Invest your words in their lives through prayer and constant encouragements. When people Come into your presence they should feel safe, affirmed and valued. Show love!

 Review : Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Prayer For Healing

The devil observes your lifestyle closely. He has a close-up of all your strengths and weaknesses.
He looks at where your spiritual strength is shaky. If you have a spirit of lust, a chain-smoking addiction; If you are prayer-weak, have anger problems, are emotionally unstable and full of pride, then the devil uses such points for entry level.
Watch Prophet Shepherd Bushiri as he unravels that for every attack that the enemy opposes on you- there is a point of entry!

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